Bringing service and engagement into the classroom

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The IUPUI Center for Service and Learning offers support for faculty and staff exploring and enhancing service learning and civic engagement. The resources and initiatives are offered to help strengthen your teaching, research and assessment.

You can:

  • Explore tools that can be used for research and assessment.
  • Learn more about the civic-minded graduate and professional scale and rubrics.
  • Develop your teaching and curriculum for courses that will have an impact on your students and the community.
  • View research and evaluation reports.
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Engaging with the community

Through community-engaged learning, students engage with the community to address societal needs that residents identify, co-creating solutions with those community partners.

For example, a series of neighborhood discussions organized by IUPUI uncovered a need amongst senior citizens for education on how to use new technology, including apps, Smartphones and social media.

As a result, IUPUI students studying for future careers in information technology are spending time each week at local community centers, helping senior citizens learn technology, and gaining experience in their future career field.

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Mutually beneficial partnerships

Our partnerships can't just benefit us; they need to benefit our partners, too. That is a key part of community-engaged learning: clearly laid out benefits for all those involved. 

The Center for Earth and Environmental Science (CEES) at IUPUI strives to bring together faculty from different academic backgrounds to discuss complex issues and pursue grants, and supports research that crosses traditional science boundaries, facilitates science-based decision-making, and feeds science education programing.

Through multiple projects in the community, the center is working to address key community issues, such as water quality and drainage.

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Resources for faculty teaching service learning

Communities of practice

The Center for Service and Learning has organized several community of practice programs that focus on specific topics within service learning.

The groups support faculty and staff promoting service learning and civic engagement throughout the IUPUI campus.

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Center for Teaching and Learning

The IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning advances IUPUI’s commitment to teaching excellence by collaborating with faculty, schools, and departments to enhance student learning and to support faculty development.

A wide range of programs, events, workshops and services foster innovation in teaching, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and the translation of education research into local practice.

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The Forum Network

The Forum Network supports faculty collaboration and creativity by providing resources to spark innovation in teaching and research.

That includes community engagement and building partnerships to strengthen communities.

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