Our Mission

Envisioning a more engaged future

Our mission

We cultivate knowledge, relationships, and resources through collaboration that:

  • Contribute to healthy and vibrant communities
  • Foster mutual growth, equity, and social justice
  • Strengthen our commitment to democratic engagement
  • Prepare civic-minded graduates and professionals for lives of engaged citizenship

Our vision

Our local and global partnerships will be distinguished for important contributions to economic development and community engagement.

Our strategic goals

We have three main priorities that serve our mission and the IUPUI Strategic Plan.

We prepare students, faculty, and staff by:

  • Preparing our students for lives of engaged citizenship
  • Fostering the development of community-engaged scholars, practitioners, researchers, and staff
  • Leading campus efforts to engage with the community in an ethical, strategic, and effective manner

We collaborate with communities by:

  • Leading the campus’s role as an anchor institution
  • Facilitating democratically engaged partnerships with the community, including strategic neighborhood partnerships that address community-identified desires
  • Supporting talent development, entrepreneurship, and innovation to spur economic development
  • Enhancing understanding of different cultures and promoting an inclusive and welcoming campus environment

We tell the story by:

  • Developing and executing an effective communications strategy
  • Providing information on engagement activities by collecting data and analyzing and translating it for decision making
  • Developing internal office infrastructure to support a more effective approach to community engagement