A legacy of community engagement support

As chancellor of IUPUI, Charles Bantz firmly believed in the power of community-engaged research and university–community partnerships to make a lasting impact on our area.

The Charles R. Bantz Chancellor’s Community Fellowship award ensures his legacy lives on by providing funding for community-engaged scholars each year.

The fellowship can provide up to $50,000 of funding for one year and is awarded annually.

How is the fellowship awarded?

The Charles R. Bantz Fellowship is a competitive award. To apply for funding, you must submit a proposal proving that your project:

  1. Reinforces and deepens campus-community engagement and research partnerships
  2. Leverages the knowledge, skills, and innovative talents of IUPUI faculty, students, and community partner(s) in a year-long scope of work that is of mutual value and interest
  3. Results in meaningful community impact

Who’s eligible for the fellowship?

All IUPUI tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty, and lecturers are welcome to submit a proposal.

If awarded a fellowship, you will receive funding for your entire research team, including faculty, students, and community partners and members.

What is the application process for the fellowship?

You can submit your proposal for consideration by completing the online application form during the appropriate period each year.

When applying, be sure to have supporting documents available, including:

  • A detailed budget
  • A letter of support from your dean or department chair
  • At least two letters of support from community partners
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