International Partnerships

Campus and community partners

The Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) provides the services and support international students need throughout every phase of their IUPUI journeys.

OIA helps them through the admissions process, assists with visa applications, provides academic and cultural support, and does much more.

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The International Center

The International Center works to teach our community how to successfully interact with people from other countries in the workplace, and provides relocation services to international workers settling in Indianapolis.

It also connects local business leaders with their counterparts from other countries.

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Nationalities Council of Indiana

The Nationalities Council is a nonprofit group that works to increase the visibility of ethnic groups here in Indiana and to make it easier for them to get involved in community life.

It has members from more than 60 ethnic and national affinity groups, and counts on support from corporations, educational institutions, and individuals in our area.

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Burmese American Community Institute

The Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) works to connect the Burmese community—especially refugees—with the Indianapolis community.

It offers refugees educational opportunities, helps them find jobs, and connects them with the basic services they need to adjust to life in their new home.

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Immigrant Welcome Center

The Immigrant Welcome Center helps immigrants and refugees transition to life in Indianapolis by offering three key services.

  • Natural Helpers are volunteers who live and work in immigrant neighborhoods and can help new arrivals find the services they need.
  • Neighborhood Branches are facilities throughout the city that help to increase access to essential services.
  • Immigrant Information Sessions are monthly talks on a variety of cross-cultural topics.
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Exodus Refugee Immigration

Exodus helps refugees and asylees with the resettlement process in Indianapolis.

It helps newly arrived refugees with basic needs like housing, food, and clothing, and can help them find cash assistance when necessary. It also assists them with language training, employment searches, and more.

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