Awards for Service

William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion

The Plater Medallion is awarded to graduating students each spring.

It was established in 2006 to recognize students who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to their communities during their years as an IUPUI student.

Students who receive the award are typically involved in activities such as service learning, volunteerism, community/social issue advocacy, community work-study, and political engagement.

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Faculty and staff awards

The Chancellor’s Awards

Each spring, the Chancellor’s Office holds the Chancellor’s Academic Honors Ceremony, where faculty, staff, students, and community partners are honored.

There are a number of awards that focus on community engagement and service, including the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Civic Engagement and the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Civic Engagement.

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Charles R. Bantz Chancellor’s Community Fellowships

The Bantz Community Fellowship and Bantz Community Scholar awards provide up to one year of research support for a collaborative research team made up of faculty, staff, students, and community partners to address a pressing community issue in central Indiana.

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Nan Bohan Community Engagement Award

The Nan Bohan Community Engagement Staff Award recognizes employees who through extraordinary service and special contributions (e.g., professional, committees, or volunteer) enhance the culture of service and civic engagement on campus and in their communities.

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