Serve Your Community

Volunteer to make a difference

Volunteers are the life blood of nonprofit organizations. They need people like you to show up, work hard, and help them reach their goals.

What do you care about? Whatever it is, we can help you find a community group working for the same cause.

Find a volunteer opportunity
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Or utilize your work-study in the community

If you qualify for a Federal Work-Study award as part of your financial aid award package, you can earn your award in the community at an IUPUI approved nonprofit or government agency.

When you do, you’ll earn real-life experience that translates into resume-worthy skills. And you’ll make a solid contribution to our community.

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And receive scholarships for your efforts

We appreciate everything you do—and have done—for our community.

To encourage your continuing efforts, the Center for Service and Learning offers the Sam H. Jones Community Scholarships program and others. Scholarships awarded range from $1,000 to $4,000, and include a number of other benefits that can help you grow as a person—and as a member of our community.

The Office of Scholarships also offers a number of funding opportunities for community service.

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