Goal 7 Performance Indicators

Indicators of Community Engagement

In alignment with IUPUI's strategic plan, Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond, Goal 7: Deepen our Commitment to Community Engagement, the Office of Community Engagement, in coordination with other IUPUI stakeholders, has identified performance indicators to measure three dimensions of engagement: rates of engagement, modes of engagement, and impact of engagement. A more indepth description of these and other indicators and their sources can be found in our Goal 7 Performance Indicators report

Faculty and Staff Engagement with the Community (2018)

⇑ 53.4% In the last three years engaged in a collaborative research project with community partners—4% more than 2015 (Source: Faculty Survey)

⇑ 64% Participated in a professional capacity on a local business or civic/social service agency board or committee—11% more than 2015 (Source: Faculty Survey)

45,004 Civic engagement public service hours (Source: Digital Measures-Activity Insights)

$12MContracts, fellowships, gifts or grants tagged as civic engagement awarded between 2018 and 2019  (Source: Digital Measures-Activity Insights)

660Hours of volunteer paid leave recorded by staff between January 2019 and March 2021 (Source: IU Human Resources)  

Modes of Engagement

638Classes using HIPs practices (Source: Digital Measures-Activity Insights)

103Students receiving Community Work Study funding, totalling $229,657 in 2020 (Source: Institute for Engaged Learning)

364HIPs approved in Experiential and Applied Learning Record as of January, 2021 (Source: Institute for Engaged Learning)

Economic Impact in Central Indiana (2018-2019)

8,994Full-time and part-time faculty and staff

87%Faculty and staff who live in Central Indiana  (Source: The Economic Value of IUPUI)

$2.3BContributed to the region, supporting 30,551 jobs (Source: The Economic Value of IUPUI)

1,743Community-engaged activities entered in Collaboratory (Source: Collaboratory)